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Wood Carvings, Religions Statues, Bali Handicrafts, Abstract Wood Carvings, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Seashell Bali Surf Jewelry, Organic Earrings And More.

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About Us

Garuda International is a direct importor and wholesaler in Vancouver Canada. We direct import and distribute a wide range of unique products from Bali, Indonesia as well as other Asian countries. We travel to Bali, Indonesia two-three times a year. By direct contact with local Balinese and Javanese artisans, talented carvers, jewelers, and clothing crafts makers, we always find very exclusive pieces of handmade artworks, jewelry and home decorative collectibles.

We specialized in Balinese animal carvings, stone carvings, religions statues, mirror frames, wind chimes, lanterns, abstract wood carvings, teak wood shelves and drawers, bamboo rattan furniture, mask wall hangings interior decoration, rayon dresses and ponchos, sterling silver jewelry, seashell Bali surf jewelry, horn born organic earrings and more. With more than 500 various designs of fascinating eye-catching merchandise in our wholesale inventory, you can ensure to find great deals for your wholesale buying. In this online web site, we only offer some of our inventories that are easy to pack and ship out.

For retail customers, our store is located at 1268 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. It’s only 10 minutes away from Downtown, Vancouver by car or public transit. Commercial Drive is also known as “The Drive”, an extremely distinctive and culturally diverse neighborhood packed with attractive and colorful boutiques, food markets, live music venues, ethnic shops and restaurants. It is the home to quite a few popular Vancouver events and festivals. Don’t miss the Car Free Day Street Festivals which full of fun and interesting activities. When you come to the event, please make sure to drop by our store and browse around. Our store is on the left hand side of Turk's Coffee, with display window jam-packed with masks and other knick-knacks. Store hours are 10am to 8pm from February to September, and 10am to 7pm from October to January.

You may contact us by phone at 604-568-0809 or by email to info @ to make appointments to visit our wholesale warehouse.

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Business Hours:
10am to 8pm from February to September
10am to 7pm from October to January

Telephone: 604-568-0809

Email: info @ (no space besides @)


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